Ruth-Helen Camden

psychologist and IST practitioner
When talking is not enough.

Sometimes you feel stuck. You’re trying to move on from something and you just can’t. Maybe something from your past is still playing out. Or maybe you have no idea what’s holding you back.

Well I have good news. You can do it. You can cross that bridge. You can get back on track.

Who needs to live with baggage anyway? Anxiety, depression, frustration, confusion, hurt – it would be so great to let it all go. Imagine what sort of life you could create for yourself without it.

That’s what I do. I can help you to let the baggage go and move on.

I accompany you in a caring and supportive space to see those inner causes. And before you know it, those tight knots and hard gritty bits inside start to finally let go. You feel better. It’s tangible and usually fast.

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