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Ruth-Helen Camden, psychologist, IST practitioner

Ruth-Helen Camden
registered psychologist

Even after more than 25 years, I love this work. Because people are endlessly fascinating. For me, every person carries a mystery to understand, a treasure to find. So I confess that when I’m helping you work through your issues, I have a secret hidden agenda: to help you reveal this treasure and bring it to life.

Why IST? Because it goes way beyond talk therapy and gets quickly to the bottom of things. Like all IST practitioners I’ve done years of IST myself. I’ve seen first-hand what it can do.

Before becoming a psychologist (in 2006) I was a qualified naturopath and homeopath. Although I don’t practice these things now, I still use the solid foundation they gave me in understanding all sorts of energetic and physical aspects of a person. IST is and has always been the mainstay of my practice.

One of the great things in IST is that you are always looking for the source of things. You are not satisfied with quick-fix bandaids, you want real solutions, inner shifts. This takes you to results that are real, practical, and lasting.

My IST training has included many hundreds (probably thousands) of hours of IST and related meditative practices in the courses and retreats of the Clairvision School. This means my skills are grounded in a vast store of practical experience, and are powered by the depth and clarity I have gained in myself. I know this stuff works, I have seen it for myself.

“In my twenties I rode big motorcycles and went skydiving on weekends. I loved the speed and exhilaration but it always left me wanting more. What would it be like to feel that alive and awake all the time?

When I began to do IST and to meditate regularly, it all started to change for me. As my insecurities fell away I saw how much I had been limiting myself. The world became so much more fascinating. Life had meaning and depth. And best of all, the sense of awakening I had once snatched in fleeting experiences of speed riding or freefall or was emerging as something real and tangible in me. Only now it was coming from within.

So if you were to ask me why I do what I do, I would have to say it’s all about awakening. Beyond therapy, what I hope for you is to find this sense of awakening in you. This sense of aliveness in you that says yes to life. The part of you that says, ‘I can’, ‘I will’ and even ‘I am’.”

Ruth-Helen Camden
Registered psychologist, IST practitioner

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