What happens in an IST session?

After a short, informal discussion on your background and the reason for your visit, I ask you to lie down on a mattress while I sit next to you. I guide you into the inner space, an inner space of awareness where the mind becomes quiet and normally hidden parts of the sub-conscious come easily to the surface.

The inner space is different to trance or hypnosis. When in the space you are fully aware of the room around you, and at the same time you are in a deeper part of yourself. At the level of feelings and impressions rather than the thinking of your ordinary mental consciousness.

Then the experience unfolds through the interaction between client and practitioner (meaning the dialogue and the shared experience), as well as the internalising effect of the space itself. It is really this inner space that is the essence of IST. It allows you to see things from a different standpoint.

This is a key point about IST: the emphasis is on feeling and sensing, not thinking or visualising or analysing. Because it is not belief that brings transformation, but direct experience.

How long is an IST session?

One hour and a half.

How many sessions will I need?

Difficult to answer without meeting you. Somewhere between 3 and 30, depending on what you want to work on and how far you want to go in your self-transformation.
Some issues can be significantly resolved in just a few sessions, however the deepest, most long-standing imprints are not going to let go that quickly. These call for regular sessions over several weeks or months.

But far from being tedious or traumatic, working on long-standing issues is enormously rewarding. It’s an adventure of healing and discovery.

Who is IST good for?

IST is great for people who want to go further than just making problems vanish. If you want to understand how those problems came about in the first place and through this, know yourself at a deeper level, you will probably love it. I do not hold that IST is necessarily the best therapy for everyone.

My aspiration for you is always to reveal the very best of yourself and empower you to live it to the full.

How much is a session?

My standard fee is $150 per hour, so one session is $225.
However I have other rates which cater for people in different circumstances. Please give me a call to talk to me about fees.

How do I book?

Call or text me: 0411 577 521
Email me
See the Contact page for how to find me.

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a referral to see me. However some psychological services are eligible for Medicare or health fund rebates. Ask me whether this applies to you.