what is IST?

Inner Space Techniques

IST is Inner Space Techniques, a set of healing techniques based around the inner space, an internalised state of consciousness akin to a space of meditation.


So what’s this inner space?

The inner space is a tangible, peaceful and accessible state in which awareness is turned away from the senses, towards inner worlds. Some of the IST techniques are highly specialized and technical, working at subtle levels of the life force in a similar to way to acupuncture. Deep rearrangements of energy can also take place through reconnecting with the inner space, and this often happens in IST.

Although the inner space is close to the space of meditation, it has a different purpose and results.

When you meditate, things come up: thoughts, emotions, ideas, fidgets, discomfort. And if you are meditating you let them come, let them go. But when things come up in IST, you dive into them further. You want to see what they are and where they come from.

So then, what sort of things do you find?


Beneath the surface of your mind, buried deeply or sometimes not-so-deeply, lie samskaras – imprints. They create all sorts of conditioning of your emotions, attitudes and behaviour.

IST takes those negative imprints and resolves them at their source. The problem is not solved as such – rather, it disappears because the cause is no longer active.

Experiences of past lives are not uncommon, however the essence and purpose of IST remains firmly in the present. If you revisit the past it’s to sort out the present, not to go sightseeing into ancient history.

Healing and clearing

Many (not all!) disorders, come from blockages at the energetic level. When this is the case, what is needed is a shift in the subtle energies of your life force. This has a deeper and more lasting effect than addressing just the emotions or just the physical symptoms. It’s not unusual to experience energetic healing like this during an IST session.

IST therefore works well with therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, to address physical symptoms at their energetic causes.

Also see the IST website.

IST is taught by the Clairvision School.